Hi, I'm Bruno

Tech Lead / Principal Software Engineer

Bruno Filippone

Software Engineering

13+ years of experience in software engineering designing and developing scalable and testable software architectures and distributed systems.

I love to collaborate and lead by example.

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My tech skills

Here is what I do best

Software development, architecture, and design

Full-Stack Web Development

Developing software on every side of the stack: UI/ UX programming, web services, data pipelines, integrations and event driven infrastructures.

Functional Reactive Programming

Embracing functional programming at its best, together with the new reactive programming principles.

Designing Software For Scale

Designing on software architectures and distributed systems that can scale reliably on any cloud platform.

Agile & Tech Management

Leading and mentoring agile development teams, promoting knowledge sharing while supporting the continous integration & delivery pipelines.

Full stack development

Current interests

Back-end Development
UI & UX Programming
Software Architecture
Big Data & Machine Learning