Tech Lead

Bruno Filippone

A passionate Software Engineer, with experience on various technologies and environments: web, desktop and mobile, both on client and server side.

Able to follow best practices and design patterns used in software architecture and development, and their evolution.

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Current Location

London, United Kingdom


C C++ C# Scala TypeScript JavaScript Java Rust Python Haskell Clojure Kotlin Ruby PHP Swift
Frameworks & Libraries
Akka Spark Django Play Angular React Aurelia Dojo ExpressJS ASP.NET Android Ruby On Rails Spring Symfony Zend Kohana
MongoDB Postgres Redis Cassandra Elasticsearch InfluxDB CouchDB SQL Server MySQL Oracle SQLite
Scrum Kanban Test-Driven Development Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery
Development Tools
Docker Git Subversion Ansible Chef Puppet GoCD Jenkins
Build Tools
SBT Maven Gulp Grunt Cargo
Message Queues
Amazon SQS Kafka RabbitMQ
Cloud Platforms
Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform

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