NDC 2010 Sessions

You can download it from HERE

56 GB of worth-watching stuff, concerning different development technologies: Web Development, Software Development, Architecture & Design Patterns, Unit Testing, SOA, Domain-Driven Design, Database Management, Cloud Computing, NoSQL, Modern Javascript, Tools, Techniques and Frameworks, plus lots of useful Tips&Tricks

I point out some interesting topics from what i've watched so far.

Videos concerning design patterns and best practices are really useful to improve the way of thinking/building an application. If you're one of those people who thinks that programming is just writing code, and writing it fast, I suggest to you to take a look at those videos to get an idea of how to improve yourself as a programmer. Programming isn't just writing code, most of the time you're missing some of the best tools and practices (it happens to me every time)

Other great topics are modern javascript, HTML5 demos, testing js code with QUnit

You can find great example applications using WCF/Ria Services and Silverlight

Lately I've foused myself a lot on the new ASP.NET MVC 2 framework, I noticed it has improved a lot since last year. Entity Framework 4 does a good job and is well integrated in VS 2010. One of the feauture i was missing from framworks such as Django, is DB Schema Generation from Entity model classes, and Code First seems to do just that, so i'm really excited to try it out! The NDC 2010 video regarding Code First is a bit messy, but with the new CTP4 they promise it will be WAY BETTER, we'll see, I truly hope so.

Lately i'm digging cloud computing, i still hadn't the time to watch the Windows Azure and related videos though, but they will be the next ones i'm going to watch

There's also a debate video about ASP.NET MVC VS Ruby On Rails, I won't tell you who's the "winner", go and check it out for yourself!

Enjoy the sessions!