Please note that this was a blog post on my previous version of my website built with Django, while the new one runs on Node.js and AWS. See this mose recent blog post for more updates.

Welcome to my blog, technology enthusiast!

It's been quite a while since i registered the domain, and finally, I found some time to build the codebase for this blog and the site. (Next step will be to write some Unobtrusive Javascript and Ajax, for better usability)

I built them using Django(a Python Web Framework, my favourite, so far).

I'm still trying to figure out why Django technology is quite unknown and is almost completely unused here in Italy..

It really IS a powerful and enjoyable framework for fast web application development. (Ruby on Rails seems another good choice, but i still hadn't the time to try it, i will amend, one day)

Google App Engine has a good support for django development too, and what Google likes is, often, a good thing.

By the way, in real world, i work mostly with .NET technologies, and most of the times for web development.

I'm also taking time using the Android platform, which i found a really enjoyable platform to develop with, and it's easy-to-use compared to my experience with BleckBerry and J2ME

I'll use this blog to share with everyone who has interests in software/web/mobile development, all that i found useful or interesting, so..

Stay tuned!